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A Photographers Christmas

Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s being a photographer was a well-respected profession. Cuba St has had a number of photographic studios over the decades.

large to small studios  photographed our city’s leaders and citizens celebrating weddings and growing family’s and young men dressed in their uniforms before heading to the war.

At Christmas time families gather, nothing new about that and so we hope it will continue into the future. However how we celebrate Christmas together and record the festivities has changed hugely with modern technology.

The inserted photo  is actually from a Nelson studio, but  I know the  photographers in Cuba St have also photographed  many creative people dressed in costume.

I will share more stories during the Fringe Festival early next year about some of the photographers who have left  us a wonderful window into the past of Cuba St and its communities.

Girl Dressed as Christmas Tree.

Girl Dressed as Christmas Tree

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The Cuba St Project on the street for Fringe 2013

Today is a very auspicious day at 12 noon on the 12/12/2012 The Fringe Festival 2013 will launch its programme.

I am very pleased to announce that The Cuba ST Project will be participating in the Fringe and coming to the street from the 15th February to the 8th March 2013.

I have been busy researching more photographs and stories from the streets past that I shall be sharing with everyone during the Fringe.

I have also been meeting with current business owners in the street to gain their support. I am thrilled that 13 businesses throughout the street with be participating in this free event. Students from the Victoria University Architectural School are also going to be involved.

It is also fantastic that the Wellington City Council Creative Communities panel have allocated some funds to assist with bringing this project to the street and the Cuba St community.

I shall be updating this site with more information about bridging this project from cyber space to the street.

If you know anyone who could be interested in this event, please encourage them to sign up to the blog site so they can become involved.

All hail the Fringe participants for 2013.


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